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Proven plants for Australian conditions

The Australian Garden Solutions™ range is comprised of 'Proven plants for Australian conditions' - just as the tagline suggests.  This range was born out of frustration with constant talk in media and non industry circles that the only plants able to survive an Australian drought are natives.

This broad brush ignores so many of the worlds plants that have proven themselves to be adept at coping with extreme conditions. Indeed many Australian natives are from rainforest areas, so to throw them in the mix as being drought hardy compared to all non-Australian plants is equally false.

Australian Garden Solutions is a retail marketing tool intended to give the end consumer confidence when they go into the retail marketplace that the plant that they choose, native or exotic, has proven itself in Australian conditions.

Imagery on the label front identifies the application the plant is most selected for allowing customers to get a good idea of what the finished product looks like.

Ultimately our labels are intended to be a silent seller for the retailer by encompassing as much information, useful to the end customer as possible. As a result this reduces staff members' need to answer FAQs for every single customer. The labels cover off the: Plant Name, Description, Uses, Position, Care guide, Planting guide, Feeding requirements as well as the afore mentioned watermiser rating.

We encourage you to try out the labels and gauge your customers reactions by promoting them in store as a cooperative grouping - let them do the silent selling for you!

For any further information on the range do not hesitate to contact us.

The Australian Garden Solutions Range


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